Cheap Ghost Hunting Kit 2024: Must-Have Gear for Paranormal Investigations

If you want to start ghost hunting, the essential cheap ghost hunting kit is a K2 meter or EMF detector, a spirit box, and an EVP recorder. Having the right ghost detecting equipment like these key tools can make all the difference between a successful investigation and a fruitless night.

Ghost hunting has become an increasingly popular hobby and profession over the years. With shows like Ghost Hunters bringing the field into the mainstream, more people than ever are interested in searching for spirits and capturing evidence of the paranormal.

In this complete guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about assembling the cheapest ghost hunting kit for beginners to advanced paranormal investigators.

Must-Have Gear for Any Ghost Hunt

When prepping for your first paranormal investigation, having the proper ghost hunting tools is crucial. Here are the core pieces of equipment that every starter kit requires:

K2 Meter or EMF Detector

An EMF detector is one of the most vital devices for ghost hunters. EMF stands for electromagnetic field. Fluctuations in electromagnetic energy are thought to signify the presence of spirits. EMF detectors like the K2 meter allow investigators to accurately measure changes in the electromagnetic field that could point to paranormal activity.

Spirit Box

A spirit box rapidly scans radio channels. Some paranormal investigators believe ghosts can manipulate the white noise and form words.

EVP Recorder

A digital audio recorder is vital for capturing electronic voice phenomena (EVP). EVP refers to unexplained voices, whispers, and sounds that are discovered on recordings but were not audible at the time. A high-quality digital recorder with an external microphone is perfect for documenting potential spirit voices.

All Ghost Hunting Tools

Equipment Description
EMF meter Measures electromagnetic fields
EVP recorder Captures electronic voice phenomena
Spirit box Scans radio channels
Temperature sensor Detects temperature drops
Camera Documents visual evidence
Flashlight Illuminates dark areas
Ouija board Communication with spirits
Dowsing rods Detect paranormal energy
Pendulum Detects paranormal energy
EMF reader Displays EMF readings
Paranormal meter Measures paranormal phenomena
SLS camera Captures paranormal activity
Ovilus Detects paranormal activity

Ghost Hunting Tips for Beginners

Follow these tips when first venturing into the paranormal field as a beginner:

  • Always ghost hunt with a partner or team – never alone! Safety first.
  • Obtain permission before investigating private property and obey all laws.
  • Approach sites respectfully; do not damage or take anything.
  • Speak calmly and do not antagonize spirits.
  • Extensively document hunts through photos, video, notes, and recordings.
  • Analyze findings carefully after each investigation. Look for corroborating evidence.
  • Learn ghost hunting protocols and techniques before investigations.
  • Be properly prepared with the right ghost hunting kit and fully charged gear.

Tip: Take initial readings with your equipment when first entering an area to establish a baseline for comparison.

Paranormal Team Member Roles

To perform an organized ghost hunt, divide into these different roles:

Team Leader

The team leader directs the investigation and makes final decisions. They maintain order and safety.


The investigators actively search for evidence. They monitor equipment, take readings, ask questions, and look for spirits.

Technical Manager

The technical manager oversees all the gear, charges batteries, and handles any tech issues with the ghost hunting equipment.


The documentarian chronicles everything through notes, photos, videos, and cataloging evidence.

All of these can be added as you build your team with those you trust.

Starting a Paranormal Investigation Team

To make ghost hunting more than a hobby, consider launching your own paranormal research team. Here’s how:

  • Recruit members through social media, ghost forums, local listings, paranormal events, etc.
  • Create branding like a team name, logo, website, and social media presence.
  • Rent storage for your ghost hunting equipment arsenal.
  • Hold regular meetings to examine evidence, plan upcoming investigations, train new members, and review techniques.
  • Promote your team to gain clients and investigate private homes or businesses.
  • Maintain professionalism and follow ghost hunting best practices.

Tip: Always investigate with a team rather than alone for your personal safety and security.

With the proper ghost hunting kit and techniques, you’ll be well on your way to a successful paranormal investigation. Just remember to be safe on your ghostly adventures! Happy haunting.

Ghost Hunting FAQs

What is the best ghost hunting tool kit?

Each location has different requirements judge based on that alone, bring the three, evp recorder,sb7, and k2 to everyone and you will be covered, for more advanced outings you may need night vision  camera to assist.

What is an EMF detector?

EMF detectors measure changes in electromagnetic fields that could indicate ghosts. Popular models are the KII, Mel Meter, and TriField .

What is a spirit box?

A spirit box rapidly scans radio channels. Some think ghosts can manipulate the white noise and form words.

How do you use an EVP recorder?

EVP recorders document unexplained sounds and voices. Review recordings closely later for evidence. An external mic helps.

What are the most haunted places in the US?

Famous haunted places include the LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans, the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, and the Stanley Hotel in Colorado.

What are ghost hunting best practices?

Best practices include getting permission, not disturbing sites, following protocols, being respectful, and documenting findings with your ghost hunting kit.

Here are some additional FAQs about parapsychologists, demonology, and the history of ghost hunting kits:

What is a parapsychologist?

A parapsychologist is a scientist who studies paranormal phenomena like telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychokinesis. Their field is known as parapsychology. Parapsychologists use scientific methods to investigate psychic happenings.

How does demonology relate to ghost hunting?

Demonology is the study of demons. Some paranormal investigators believe malevolent hauntings are caused by demonic entities rather than human spirits. Methods used by demonologists may differ from typical ghost hunting techniques.

When were the first ghost hunting kits created?

While paranormal research has been around for centuries, electronic ghost hunting equipment only emerged in the 1920s and ’30s. Early ghost hunting equipment consisted of devices like thermometers and electromagnetic field meters. More advanced electronic tools appeared in the 1970s and ’80s as technology progressed. Now investigators have a wide array of technical gear.

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