When most people think of ghost hunting, they imagine paranormal investigators lugging around strange gadgets and devices. But behind this mystique lies a lesser-known field – parapsychology, the scientific study of psychic phenomena and the parapsycology’s  ghost hunting kit.

Parapsycologist Work

Parapsychologists not only research ghosts and hauntings, but all sorts of extrasensory perception (ESP) and psychokinesis (PK). Parapsychology’s scientific ghost hunting kit and rigorous protocols to detect, analyze, and measure unexplained psychic events.

Parapsychology’s Scientific Ghost Hunting Kit

Zener cardsSpecial card deck with 5 symbols used for ESP tests
Electroencephalography (EEG) machineDetects brain wave activity
Random number generator (RNG)Generates random sequences to test for psychokinesis
DiceUsed in psychokinesis tests
High-speed cameraRecords dice rolls or pinwheel spins for psychokinesis tests
Vibration-dampening tableReduces environmental noise in psychokinesis tests
Electromagnetic shieldingReduces electromagnetic interference in psychokinesis tests
Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scannerMeasures brain activity during ESP/PK experiments
Electromagnetic field (EMF) detectorDetects unusual EMF spikes that may indicate paranormal activity
Infrared thermometerMeasures temperature drops associated with hauntings
Motion sensorsDetect anomalous movement during investigations
Digital audio recorderCaptures electronic voice phenomena (EVPs)
Digital cameraTakes photographs to look for visual anomalies
Digital video cameraRecords paranormal investigations
Environmental data logging equipmentMonitors temperature, humidity, vibrations etc.
Geiger counterMeasures radiation levels during investigations
EEG headsetsPortable EEG devices to monitor brain states
White noise generatorUsed in ESP experiments to mask ambient sounds
Signal detection and analysis softwareIdentifies patterns in data that may reflect ESP/PK
Faraday cageShields experiments from electromagnetic influences
PsychomanteumAn enclosed mirrored chamber used to induce psychic experiences
Sensory deprivation tankUsed to reduce external stimuli for ESP experiments
Quantum random number generatorMore advanced RNG for psychokinesis tests
Robot armCan serve as a target for psychokinesis effects
Electrodermal activity sensorsMeasure skin conductivity changes thought to reflect psychic processing
MagnetometerDetects fluctuations in magnetic fields during investigations
Air ion counterMonitors ion levels which may be affected by paranormal activity
Ultrasonic motion detectorPicks up very subtle movements potentially caused by spirits
Infrared and ultraviolet camerasCapture light spectrums beyond normal human vision
Atmospheric monitoring equipmentMeasure anomalous changes in air composition
Psychic healing toolsDevices claimed to focus healing energy and life force
Dowsing rods and pendulumsUsed to locate objects and energy sources intuitively
Meditation aidsUsed to induce focused mind states for ESP/PK experiments
Neurofeedback machineProvides feedback on brain waves during psychic functioning
Photomultiplier tubeSenses faint light phenomena like ectoplasm
Independent/dependent RNGCompares separate RNGs to identify correlated PK effects


ESP Testing Equipment

Parapsychology focuses on extrasensory perception (ESP), the ability to gain information beyond the five senses. Various equipment and tests are used to measure ESP.

Zener Cards

Zener cards, a deck with five different symbols, are commonly used. Participants guess card sequences, and statistical analysis determines if scores exceed the 20% chance level.

EEG Machines

Electroencephalography (EEG) machines detect brain activity. Changes in brain waves during ESP signals suggest unconscious perception.

Free Response Tests

In free response tests, participants describe psychic impressions checked against a target for accuracy. Modern virtual reality generators create lifelike target environments.

Psychokinesis Testing Apparatus

Psychokinesis (PK) is influencing physical objects with mental intent. PK experiments use random number generators (RNGs) and dice rolls, with high-speed cameras and visual indicators measuring influence.

Imaging and Monitoring the Paranormal

Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanners record brain activity during ESP and PK experiments. Environmental monitoring tools like electromagnetic field (EMF) detectors, thermometers, motion sensors, and digital recorders gather data during investigations.

Advanced Data Analysis

Advanced data analysis software identifies patterns across readings that may indicate an intelligent haunting presence.


Parapsychology’s Scientific Ghost Hunting Kit uses physics, statistics, and computer science to study psychic phenomena. The goal is to gather empirical evidence of ESP, PK, and paranormal activity using calibrated instruments and controlled tests. Ghost hunting kits today contain a mix of technological gear and traditional psychic aids to unravel the mysteries of the human mind and spirit realm.

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